GearPipe Exclusive Giveaway! Win a Rare Fender Guitars Baseball

Fender Guitars Baseball

Win this!!!

Spring is in full swing here in Colorado! The snow has already melted, filling the rivers with white water, and the baseball season has begun. Not to gloat, but our Colorado Rockies are in first place!

And what exactly does this have to do with musical instruments? It just so happens that I have a handful of rare, limited-edition Fender baseballs. Only about a thousand were made, and were used as a Fender promotional product about six years ago.

These baseballs are really cool! They’re rocking a red, white, and blue stars theme, with an embossed (not just stamped) Fender logo in red.

I have four baseballs that I’m going to give away to members of my email list. If you’re already signed up, you’re already entered. BUT, you actually have two chances. I have a email list for news, and a GearGiveaway365 list for giveaways. If you’re signed up for both, you have two chances to win.

The Rules:

  • Must be 13 years of age or older to enter
  • This is a worldwide giveaway
  • Entry deadline is April 14, 2011, at 11:59:59 PM, Mountain Time

Here’s a better look a the baseball:

Fender Guitars Baseball

Limited-Edition Fender Baseball

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27 Responses to “GearPipe Exclusive Giveaway! Win a Rare Fender Guitars Baseball”

  1. danny says:


  2. Lou Remondelli says:

    Fender fan,baseball fan.56 years young hopefully we can put the two together .
    as a Fender player fender like baseball, has all the balls you will ever need !!!!!!

  3. David Mednick says:

    If you are willing to sell one of the ones you are not giving away, I would be willing to purchase one!

  4. Eric Cox says:

    Hook me up!

  5. Jeremy Brieske says:

    David…I’m sure we could work something out.

  6. choo says:


  7. Ron A says:

    I would rather have a Fender painted as a baseball.

  8. Jeff Bissette says:

    If you could just give me a white USA Fender Stratocaster with a reversed slanted bridge pickup and a reversed neck with a maple fretboard and just paint a Fender Baseball on it that would be just fine with me,I’m not hard to please!

  9. Wynand Van Emmerik says:

    I would love that! hey I’m a pre-facebooker and have never won anything!

  10. Debra Hall says:

    wow thats a awesome baseball would love to win it

  11. will durno says:

    put me in coach im ready to play!

  12. Mitch says:

    That would be cool.

  13. Doug Child says:

    Something different….and quite cool!!

  14. susan smoaks says:

    i would love this for our son!

  15. Donald Martin says:

    Nice BALL!

  16. larry arends says:

    fender and baseball, sounds good to me

  17. Bill Hicks says:

    I would prominently display this to remind my non-fender playing friends that the neck of their guitars more closely resemble a baseball bat.

  18. occum says:

    What a great item to offer in a giveaway!! As a man standing behind home plate once said, first said, somewhere, so many years ago, “PLAY BALL”!!! (or maybe, just maybe it was a woman, huh?)

  19. Bryan Jonathan says:

    I enter your contests frequently

    Today when I clicked enter the contest or whatever it said I see “CODE”

    No legitimate links, some kind of error.

    At any rate I want the baseball so just send it to me or enter me in the contest

    thank you
    Bryan Jonathan

  20. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Bryan…both forms seem to be working fine, but I just added you to the list.

  21. randy saunders says:

    Hey Jeremy,
    I just saw this, since I was having a good dog put to sleep today. Thanks for another cool giveaway!

  22. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Randy…sorry to hear that, man. Good luck with everything.

  23. kirk lund says:

    This would look good in my signed base ball collection

  24. Marylynn Hayes says:

    Very Cool Ball!

  25. Terry Basham says:

    Ready to win this

  26. John Dwyer says:

    Does it come with a Fender glove?

  27. Todd starr says:

    Love that fender ball