Win a PA System Worth Over $12,000

 PA System Giveaway
If you win this PA system giveaway from Sweetwater Sound, I’m pretty sure you’re obligated, by law, to open a live music venue or tour the world with your band. Your choice.

What’s up for grabs in this $12,000 giveaway? 2 JBL PRX415M PA speakers, 2 JBL PRX418S subwoofers, 2 JBL PRX412M stage monitors, 1 Crown XTi 4002 power amplifier, 1 Crown XTi 2002 power amplifier, 2 AKG D 5 handheld vocal microphones, 1 AKG Perception 4-channel wireless system with 2 transmitter/mics, 1 Soundcraft LX7ii 24 live mixer, 1 dbx DriveRack PA+ speaker management system, and 1 Lexicon MX200 reverb unit with plug-in interface.

This contest has ended. Check out all current giveaways.

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2 Responses to “Win a PA System Worth Over $12,000”

  1. DAVID BOONE says:

    Beautiful PA needed for Northwest Florida beach gigs.

  2. William Davis says:

    This is a wonderful prize.