What Does it Take at Juilliard? Some Kind of Spark

Regular readers know that music education is an important issue to me. In fact, it reminds me of that old Barack Obama quote, “You didn’t build that” (tongue firmly in cheek). If you’ve been successful in music (or just gotten pretty good at an instrument), chances are someone along the way helped you. It might have been a parent, older sibling, music store employee, or teacher. Whomever it was, you know that reaching your goals is easier with support.

I’m asking you to support an independent filmmaker, Ben Niles, get more exposure for his new film Some Kind of Spark, which follows kids in Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program. It’s up for Indiewire’s Film of the Month against three other films. If Some Kind of Spark wins this competition, Ben will receive a consultation from the Tribeca Film Institute!

Here’s the best thing. To help Ben, he’s not asking for money, your email address, access to post on your behalf on Facebook, or even a Tweet. All you have to do is, click this link, scroll down, and vote for Some Kind of Spark. That’s it. This will take 15 seconds out of your day, but will really help this excellent film reach more people.

Voting will be open until Friday September 28 at 5 PM. Thanks for your help!

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One Response to “What Does it Take at Juilliard? Some Kind of Spark”

  1. Tom says:

    I agree with you that music education is extremely important. I think those that learn music, also have an improved memory and uptake of other subjects.