Huge News! We are now Outlaw Drums’ exclusive dealer

On my first day of sixth grade, way back in 1988(!), I settled into band class with my practice pad. Concert band was a required course, and I knew drums were the coolest thing you could play, but little did I know the instrument would give me so much over my lifetime.

In high school I worked in a music store selling guitars and, as my career in the industry rolled on, each new job I got was guitar-focused. And although I’ve developed into a mediocre (at best) guitarist, playing the drums has always been my passion. I always thought that some day, my career would focus on drumming.

Outlaw Stave Snare Drum

Last year, GearPipe partnered with Michael Outlaw of Outlaw Drums on a snare drum giveaway. I was blown away by Michael’s passion (and his story…the dude builds drums from wood reclaimed from 19th century barns and houses), and when I received an Outlaw snare drum of my own, I couldn’t believe the quality.

Since then, Michael and I have continued talking, and recently came to an exciting agreement. Michael’s passions are finding amazing wood and building beautiful drums. I love talking to people (online and off) about musical instruments. So, I’m happy to announce that GearPipe is now the exclusive dealer of Outlaw Drums. And I (through my marketing agency, Drive Channel Creative) will be in charge of marketing for the brand.

Our first series of drums is the Outlaw Weathered Series. These drums are carefully crafted to retain the character of their former lives. As we like to say, this is American wood, reborn.

Please check out the brand new Outlaw Drums website and the amazing snare drums that are for sale in the GearPipe Shop. If you’re a drummer, I’d love to talk to you about these drums. If you’re not a drummer, I’m sure you know a bunch of them, so please spread the word!

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