Top Ten Most Kick-Ass Hardwood Amp Stands from Atlas Stands

As I was speaking with Josh from Atlas Stands about our recent podcast interview, I asked if he could tell me about his all-time favorite amp stand builds. He did one better, and sent me a list of the top ten Atlas Stands to come out of his shop.

The descriptions below are from Josh. Make sure you click on the thumbnails for full-sized photos. Awesome stuff!!!

#1Black Cherry double rack space with baffled ported backrest…This is my favorite Atlas Stand of all time because of the way it made my amp sound. Bottom line is if it doesn’t sound good it won’t make the list, but this one sounded the absolute best. It has a thin back panel that redirects the sound out of the back of the amp downward and then the sound bounces out from under the stand in all directions. It added the best full punch and warmest natural tones to my amp that I’ve ever heard.
Black Cherry Double Rack Space with Baffled Ported Backrest

#2 Black Walnut studio with spiderweb graphics and illuminated red and blue 3D logo. This stand takes second. The spider web graphics were applied by spraying a real spider web with paint and draping the wood through it to transfer the web directly to the wood, then a clear coat was immediately applied to get the web to soak into the pores of the wood. The logo was melted into plexiglass and is illuminated by blue and red LEDs that work off button cell batteries. It was a super cool stand.
Atlas Black Walnut Studio with Spiderweb Graphics

#3 Curly Maple Low Rider with Guitar Stand and Table Top. Due to the AAAA grade wood used for this stand, and the fact that it was built to match a Fender cab made of the same wood, not to mention it has a killer guitar stand and table top that match as well, this is #3.
Curly Maple Low Rider with Guitar Stand and Table Top

#4 Black Walnut Studio…This was the first “featherweight” studio I built. It weighed less than 7 pounds when it was done and was so easy to carry, yet it still easily held 300+ pounds of weight. I fell in love with this stand, it was the first stand to have a two panel seat to cut down on weight. Now we regularly use two book matched panels for the seats of the stands.
Black Walnut Studio Amp Stand

#5 Butternut and Walnut Studio. This was the first stand that had a mic attachment. It may look heavy but it is actually super light weight due to the type of wood used. I think it looks like a battle tank. I can’t wait to build another one. This is the first studio with a double T’ed Backrest as well.
Butternut and Walnut Studio Amp Stand

#6 Cherry, Butternut, and Mahogany Low Rider…this stand is in the top ten because of its awesome assembly. I just love the way it looks, and it reminds me of a ’50s cafe or diner, or a classic car.
Cherry, Butternut, and Mahogany Low Rider Amp Stand

#7Butternut Low Rider with Table Top…this stand weighed practically nothing, and it had some of the most beautiful lines and I accented it with Walnut. If I had a Low Rider to gig with this would be it.
Butternut Low Rider with Table Top Amp Stand

#8 Butternut Low Rider to fit multiple amps. This is a workhorse amp stand. The backrest actually slides off and turns around so that smaller amps can be used with it as well. The guy who had it built plays 250 shows a year! It is the first and only stand made this way so far. A great stand!
Butternut Low Rider to fit MultipleAmps

#9 Ambrosia Maple Single Rack Unit with fold out pedal board – This is just a sweet stand all around. It was the first pedal board design I built, it protects the pedals when closed and fits a specific power conditioner as well. The finish on it was like a mirror when I finished it.
Ambrosia Maple Single Rack Unit with Fold Out Pedal Board

#10 Pecan Studio – This stand was amazing. It had such a solid feel and sound to it, it was the first studio that received curved panels. This is in the top ten because I just love the way it looked and sounded after it was complete. Pecan and Hickory are amazing hardwoods.
Atlas Pecan Studio Amp Stand

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10 Responses to “Top Ten Most Kick-Ass Hardwood Amp Stands from Atlas Stands”

  1. randy saunders says:

    That #2 Black Walnut is awesome!

  2. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Yeah…that spider web is SICK!

  3. Scott Fontenot says:

    #5 would be an AWESOME studio amp stand!! They are all simply amazing!

  4. Brett Husebye says:

    Number 4 is a beauty!

  5. Brett Husebye says:

    Ack I meant Number 3 🙂 still they are all good jobs! Keep up the good work.

  6. Lou Remondelli says:

    They are all so Beautiful and such a Work of Art that like my children, I have no Favorite !
    I love them all the same. God Bless ya Josh you are a wonderful Craftsman !

  7. Remi says:

    They’re all awesome… 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    Send them all to me and I will review them for you. My consulting fee will be very reasonable, I will keep the one I like the best for writing the review.

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Sounds like a reasonable proposal 😉

      • Josh Childers says:

        Hi Steve, where would you publish your review? I’d consider the offer… Jeremy is correct, it is a reasonable proposal depending upon which publication you are referencing.

        Kind Regards,
        Josh Childers
        Atlas Amp Stands