Top Ten Fake Fender Commercials

And by top ten Fender commercials I mean absolutely horrible in every way. Buckle up for a wild ride on the rock ‘n’ roll copyright infringement train!

In no particular order…

#1Am I the only one who expected this video to go somewhere? And none of the guitar work in this videos sounds like it was recorded on a Fender.

#2OK…I have to admit this is like something I would have done when I was 10. But c’mon kid, let’s get your facts right. It’s a Squier Bullet, not Fender Bullet. A guitar connoisseur would say “black with white pickguard” not “black and white.” And I’m not sure similar products sell for 3 billion dollars.

#3This is probably the artsiest video of our group, what with the cartoon murder and all. But I’m not sure I got the underlying message, and the classical music threw me off a bit.

#4OK…is this guy trying to get me to bang my Strat?

#5First off, the girls in the commercial could break glass with their shrieks. I do respect that the jingle is set to the music from GnR’s Civil War. But then why is he telling us to buy Gibson at the end? So there are more Fender-loving ladies for the nerds?

#6I do appreciate the James Brown samples in this video. And I respect the artist’s obvious goal of infringing on as many copyrights as possible in a 1:02 timeframe.

#7Not happy that it takes 21 seconds for this commercial to start. Not worth the wait.

#8I’m not exactly sure what to say about this one. It has a good message?

#9I don’t think I want the “rocker” from the frat house giving me guitar advice. And I doubt that if this guy has been playing metal for 15 and chooses to play a Squier with three single coil pickups.

#10I fear if I did voiceover work for a living, this is exactly how my voice would sound.

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5 Responses to “Top Ten Fake Fender Commercials”

  1. Alex says:

    LOL! I was feeling bored myself when I stumbled across this post…thanks for making my evening more… interesting 😀

  2. randy saunders says:

    Dude, you must’ve been bored!

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Saturday was a rare rainy day here in Denver 😉

  3. jeremy jarratt says:

    Were these for a contest or something? I don’t understand why people would make their own commercials for something. Really weird, though, and i appreciate the HELL out of weird!