Guitar World Names Top 50 Stompbox Pedals of All Time

Guitar World magazine has been around for a long time, and they’ve obviously been taking notes when they’ve asked guitarists “What’s on your pedalboard?” By the looks of their recently-released supplement, “Mass Effect: Top 50 stompbox pedals of all time,” the GW editors had a lot of fun going back into the archives!

This list includes no-brainer classics like the Ibanez Tube Screamer, Dunlop Cry Baby, and ProCo Rat; somewhat obscure classics like the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, Foxx Tone Machine and A/DA Flanger; and modern boutique pedals, such as the Z.Vex Seek Wah, Fullton OCD, and the Lovetone Meatball.

Guitar World has been kind enough to let us embed their article here. In the comments, let us know how many of these you’ve owned, and which you may have let go and would like to get back!

Sorry everyone…Apparently Guitar World has removed the original article. For those interested, someone on the Harmony Central forums typed out the list.

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