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Interview with Jeff Cutler of Re-Axe Products [4OnTheFloor]

For the past few months I’ve been enamored with the Axe-Handler from Re-Axe Products, a portable guitar stand that can fit in your pocket or case. Through a few discussions about the product, I’ve also gotten to know Jeff Cutler, one of the founders of Re-Axe. Along with his partner, David Trombetti, Jeff’s obsession with building a quality product and organization is second to none.

We’re also enamored with Jeff and Dave’s generosity! In this interview we announce a new joint project between Re-Axe and GearPipe, to benefit our Pick Education program. Starting today, Re-Axe will be selling a GearPipe-branded Axe-Hander. Sold at $17.95 (the same price as a standard Axe-Handler), the GearPipe Axe-Handler will come packaged with three GearPipe picks, in your choice of thickness. PLUS, from each sale, $3.00 will go to fund Pick Education, and I will donate three picks to the current week’s music ed program partner.

Careful with that Axe, Eugene! Our Re-Axe Axe-Handler Review

Some products are aspirational in nature. “Buy this Fender Eric Clapton Signature Strat and your blues solos will sound just like Slowhand’s.” Or “Hop on this Harley and the world will see you as the rebel you really are.”

That’s all well and good, but I like products that understand who we really are. “Sometimes you’re lazy and lean your $2,000 guitar up against your amp instead of cradling it in a stand.” Or “You tend to leave your guitar stand at home because you’ve got enough stuff to carry to a gig and the stand just doesn’t fit in your gig bag.”

Sound familiar?