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Win a 6″x14″ Outlaw Snare Drum

Outlaw Stave Snare Drum

Through GearPipe, I’ve met some amazing people in this industry. One is Michael Outlaw, founder of Outlaw Drums, a builder of amazing custom stave snare drums. Another is AJ Donahue, who reviews for DRUM Magazine and runs his own site at DrumGearReview.com.

I also love it when my new friends work together, which is what has happened with this snare drum giveaway. Michael sent AJ a drum to review, and now AJ is going to give it away to one of you. Outlaw makes some of the best sounding drums in the world, and the wood used to build these snares has been reclaimed from tobacco barns, plantation homes, mills or bridges built before 1900. Up for grabs is a 6″x14″ stave snare drum with Outlaw’s exclusive Tobacco Glaze Weathered finish, a drum that sells for $1,100.

Huge News! We are now Outlaw Drums’ exclusive dealer

Last year, GearPipe partnered with Michael Outlaw of Outlaw Drums on a snare drum giveaway. I was blown away by Michael’s passion (and his story…the dude builds drums from wood reclaimed from 19th century barns and houses), and when I received an Outlaw snare drum of my own, I couldn’t believe the quality.

Since then, Michael and I have continued talking, and recently came to an exciting agreement. Michael’s passions are finding amazing wood and building beautiful drums. I love talking to people (online and off) about musical instruments. So, I’m happy to announce that GearPipe is now the exclusive dealer of Outlaw Drums. And I (through my marketing agency, Drive Channel Creative) will be in charge of marketing for the brand.