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Win a $6,000 Guitar Recording Gear Package

Eastman Recording Package

It’s cheap to get into home recording but, like most things, your audio chain is only going to sound as good as your weakest link. The winner of this guitar and recording gear giveaway from Premier Guitar, however, will be rocking a very high quality setup!

With a total value of $6,295.86, here’s the entire prize package:

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Since I started GearPipe.com nearly two years ago, gear contest and giveaway posts have always been the most popular. In the world of the Internet, a lot changes in two years. A few other sites have popped up that only post gear giveaways. Manufacturers are launching more and more contests (so many that I could […]

Best Sellers: Top 10 Best-Selling USB Microphones at Guitar Center

These are currently the top 10 best-selling USB microphones at Guitar Center. MXL MXL 990 USB Powered Condenser Microphone Nady USB-24M USB Microphone Blue Snowflake USB Microphone Nady USB-1CMS USB Condenser Microphone with Sony Acid Music Studio MXL USB.008 Large Gold Diaphragm USB Condenser Nady USB-1C USB Condenser Microphone Blue Eyeball USB Microphone with Webcam […]