Win a ZT Lunchbox Amp Signed by Nels Cline

ZT Lunchbox Amp Giveaway
We’ve seen a few ZT Lunchbox Amp giveaways in the past, and they’ve always been crowd pleasers. In this amp giveaway, from Premier Guitar magazine, ZT has teamed up with Wilco’s Nels Cline for a signed ZT Lunchbox amp giveaway.

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More about the ZT Lunchbox Amp

The 200W ultra-compact ZT Lunchbox Guitar Combo Amplifier has changed the way many players think about amps. The Lunchbox proves that an amp does not need to be big to be loud—or expensive to sound great. Thanks to the Lunchbox, you can actually gig with an amp that weighs less than 10 pounds.

Packing 200W of power, the ZT Lunchbox has enough output for a jam or live gig. The Lunchbox amp’s world-class tone has pros using it in the studio as well as onstage. In fact, the ZT Lunchbox combo amp has the muscle to handle any effects you throw in front of it, and the warmth and depth to sound great with single-coil as well as humbucker pickups on your guitar.

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2 Responses to “Win a ZT Lunchbox Amp Signed by Nels Cline”

  1. Maria says:

    This will b such a cool winning

  2. james rodgers says:

    What a cool little amp!!!