Pick Education – It’s on! Help support Musical Directions

For everyone who has shown their support for our Pick Education program, thank you so much! I’m pleased to announce its official launch.

As a refresher, Pick Education program lets all musicians give back, just a little bit. It’s no secret music education funding has been cut drastically in schools across the country, and all of us are going to have to pull together to give today’s kids the opportunity to play music. At GearPipe, we take this challenge seriously. That’s why, for each GearPipe guitar pick sold, we will donate one pick to a music education program for kids in need of musical tools. It’s a small thing, but together we can keep music alive for the next generation.

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I’m very excited to announce our first partner, Musical Directions, which is run by GearPipe reader Jeffrey Vastine.

Located in East Saint Louis, Musical Directions is part of the Love’s Peaceful Rain organization. Started shortly after 9/11, this program’s goal is to help the youth in East Saint Louis. As Jeffrey put it, many seem to be lost and without direction in life, a situation that was amplified by the fear and uncertainty of that period.

Musical Directions uses the natural gifts and talents of each individual to do everything from the design and creation of instruments, creating and recording music, to promotion and airplay. The organization works with both urban and suburban youth of all races, creeds, and religions. To participate in Musical Directions, kids are required to remain in school and if they have a GED or diploma, they must seek some form of secondary education. They provide tutoring services and use those who exhibit a higher academic propensity to tutor those who are struggling, which demonstrates how humanity will benefit from people working together in cooperation.

Currently working out of houses and using the shops of friends, the outreach is in the process of trying to find a building, which would include a woodworking shop, metalworking shop, electronics lab, computer lab, video lab, and a studio.

Through midnight, May 13, 2012, for each guitar pick sold we will donate one pick to Musical Directions. Thanks for your support!

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3 Responses to “Pick Education – It’s on! Help support Musical Directions”

  1. Robert Mitchell says:


    Congratulations on the new launch of SUCH an important project! I’m so glad to see Pick Education gaining momentum. Perhaps this will inspire me to finally get musicclassroom.com out of the parking lot.

    Best Regards,


    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Robert…thanks for your support! Let us know when you get it going and we’ll partner up. You’ve got a great URL! 😉

  2. Jimmy Arcade says:

    Very cool to see this vision come to life, Jeremy! Congratulations on your premier launch! Continue to let the MIG community know how we can support you.