Let’s Give Fuzz Box Girl a Helping Hand

The Broken PlacesFuzz Box Girl, a friend of GearPipe, was recently involved in a hit and run accident which left her car completely totaled and left her with a bunch of medical bills.

Fuzz Box Girl is recovering, but as one of the many Americans without health insurance, her medical bills are piling up. In a nice twist to this unfortunate story, she’d written on her Facebook page about a band called The Broken Places, whose Christmas album she’s been enjoying during her recovery. The band saw the post, and offered to donate all of their December album sales to help her pay for medical bills. Fuzz Box Girl said it’s “sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,” and I agree it’s a very generous gesture.

I will be purchasing a copy of the album, called Spirited. If you’re interested, check it out on iTunes.

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One Response to “Let’s Give Fuzz Box Girl a Helping Hand”

  1. Keith A Novinski says:

    I want to make a donation to Fuzz Box Girl in early January to help her with her medical bills. I would like to make the donation through PayPal but I need Fuzz Box Girl’s PayPal email address. I would like Fuzz Box Girl to contact me through her Facebook page under the name Jane Smith and give me her PayPal email address. Also, last week I sent a box with a few small Christmas presents to her P.O. box. I actually bought the presents for her and wrapped them in early November and waited until last week to mail them. It would be nice if someone would pick up her mail for her so she can get the presents I sent before Christmas. It might cheer her up to some extent.