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GearPipe’s Pick Education program is our chance to pay it forward. For those of us who were given the chance to play music as kids, we need to pass that opportunity on to today’s youth.

Each week, we team up with a music education classroom, program, or nonprofit organization. During that week, for each guitar pick sold in the GearPipe Shop, we will donate one pick to our partner organization. Get one, give one. It’s a simple as that!

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Girls Rock! DC Students

For those of us outside the Beltway, it may seem like the only thing happening in Washington DC is politics. But don’t forget, our nation’s capital is home to a thriving music scene, and influential artists like Bad Brains, Henry Rollins, and Dave Grohl all hail from DC.

Nonprofit organization Girls Rock! DC is on a mission to not only keep the DC music scene alive, but pump it up with a healthy dose of girl power. And for this, we are proud to have Girls Rock! DC as this week’s Pick Education partner.

Through July 1, 2012, for each GearPipe guitar pick sold in the GearPipe Shop, we will donate one pick to Girls Rock! DC for use in their music education programming.

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More Girls Rock! DC Students

About Girls Rock! DC

Mission: With a base in music education, Girls Rock! DC aims to create a supportive, inclusive and creative space for girls to develop their self-confidence, build community, stand up and rock out!

Girls Rock! DC (GR!DC) is a music education, empowerment organization and summer camp for girls ages 8-18 from the Washington, DC metro area. During the camp-week, between 50 and 60 girls, ages 8-18, come together to participate in small group instruction in electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, turntables, digital music or vocals. With no prior musical experience needed, they learn to play instruments, form bands or DJ crews and write an original song or DJ set, which they perform at DC’s legendary 9:30 Club at the end of the week.

Our goals are to provide our campers with:

  • instruction in instrumentation
  • the experience of musical performance
  • self-empowerment and leadership skills
  • team-working skills
  • a sense of community and pride for women in music

GR!DC’s programs support girls and young women in their daily lives, giving them the tools they need to navigate difficult situations at home, in school and in social settings. Our activities are based on our organizational values:

  • Inclusion
  • Acceptance
  • Trust in Yourself and Others
  • Commitment
  • Safe Space
  • Leading by Example

In 2012, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary season. Our 2012 Camp will be held July 30-August 3 at Janney Elementary in NW Washington, DC with the Camper Showcase on August 4 at the 9:30 Club.

For more information visit
To get involved visit

Gear Pipe Guitar Picks

What Can You Do To Help?

Our goal at GearPipe is to send Girls Rock! DC enough guitar picks to keep their students strumming for years! For each pick sold this week on GearPipe, we’ll donate one to GR!DC. Get one, give one!

If you’re new to GearPipe, here are a few suggestions:

GearPipe Classic Guitar Picks

GearPipe Classic Guitar Picks

Once upon a time chords were strummed with the shells of real tortoise. Meanwhile, these land-dwelling reptiles had nowhere to hide when scared.

When the trade of tortoise shells was banned in 1973, modern man anointed celluloid as the favored replacement, due to its warm tone, flexibility and durability.

Pro-quality GearPipe Classic guitar picks are manufactured in the USA out of the highest quality celluloid. GearPipe picks are available in your choice of thin, medium, or heavy, with the logo stamped in gold.

GearPipe guitar picks are sold in packs of one dozen.

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GearPipe Classic Guitar Picks (Donate Only)

You are a very generous individual. You want to do your part to help kids play music by participating in our Pick Education program. You know that, for each pick you buy from us, we’ll donate one to this week’s Pick Education partner program.

So what’s the problem? Maybe you don’t play guitar, or you own your own pick factory and have no need for ours. You, my friend, are in luck!

If you would like the picks you purchase to go directly to a music education program, click that little “Add to Cart” button and proceed to check out. You don’t even have to worry about the shipping info. We’ll take care of getting the picks from point A to point B.

And for each dozen picks you buy, we’ll match you! That’s 24 high-quality guitar picks, sent to the music ed program you support, for $3.95. Try to beat that with a stick!

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GearPipe Pick & Poster Pleasure Pack

Pick & Poster Pleasure Pack

The “Trustworthiness of Guitars” poster, one of our most popular items, was designed by renowned poster artist Chris Gregori. Chris has crafted concert posters for Freelance Whales and Leftover Salmon, among others, and has provided illustrations for Daytrotter. This 8.5″ x 39″ high quality poster is printed on 100 lb. matte finished poster stock using brilliantly colored inks.

Along with the poster, you’ll score 36 GearPipe Classic Guitar Picks. Manufactured in the USA out of the highest quality celluloid, GearPipe picks are available in your choice of thin, medium, or heavy, with the logo stamped in gold.

But that’s not all! We’ll also throw in four GearPipe Guitar Pick Refrigerator Magnets. These industrial strength magnets will not only hold years of report cards up on the ol’ Frigidaire, but will serve as emergency plectrums when all other picks have mysteriously disappeared under the couch cushions.

Order now and this collection of GearPipe swag, already sold at an insanely discounted price, will include a heavy-duty, GearPipe sticker. This is no cheapy. This sticker includes a hard core sticky icky backside, plus a laminated top coat for serious strength, whether affixed to your road case or Trapper Keeper.

With each Pick & Poster Pleasure Pack order, we’ll donate 40 GearPipe guitar picks to our current partner.

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GearPipe Axe-Handler Portable Guitar Stand

GearPipe Axe-Handler
Have you ever leaned your guitar up against your amp and prayed? Is the sound of strings scraping against the side of a table worse than fingernails on a chalkboard?

You, my friend who should know better, need an Axe-Handler portable guitar stand. Small enough to fit in your case or front pocket while still being heavy enough to off-set the balance needed to hold a guitar in place, the Axe-Handler gives you the ability to care for your guitar wherever you find yourself.

Buy purchasing this special edition GearPipe Axe-Handler, manufactured by Re-Axe Products, you have the ability to help kids play music while helping your axe. For each GearPipe Axe-Handler sold, $3.00 will be set aside to help fund our Pick Education musical instrument donation program.

The GearPipe Axe-Handler comes with three free GearPipe guitar picks, in your choice of thickness. And for each product sold, we’ll donate three picks to the current week’s Pick Education music ed partner program.

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