Win a JHS Prestige Boost Pedal

JHS Prestige Boost Pedal
Simplicity is where it’s at. The JHS Prestige Boost pedal has one knob, one light, and one switch, but it does a lot! This pedal acts as a buffer/enhancer to help deal with long cable runs, a boost to give your tone an uptick of balls, and if you really crank it up, you can overdrive the front end of your tube amp for a more natural distortion.

And you have a chance to win one from our friends at Chicago Music Exchange. This little pedal sells for $129, so take a moment to enter this giveaway!

This contest has ended. Check out all current giveaways.
More about the JHS Prestige Boost Pedal

In the footsteps of our long-ago discontinued Mr. Magic pedal, we bring you the “final act” in boost magic…The Prestige! From buffer, to boost, to tone enhancer, the Prestige will prove to be a vital and necessary piece of gear for anyone’s rig. With the boost knob set to zero, you have in your hands an amazing buffer/enhancer for long cable runs as well as a tool that will simply add some life back into your rig. When the Boost knob is in the first 25% you will get different flavors of the buffer/enhancer as well as slight volume increases. When the Boost knob is set between 25% and 50% you have a powerful, dynamic solo boost that adds definition, clarity and a little magic to your solos and lead passages. When set at 50% or more, the Prestige gives you the ability to break up your tube amp in a smooth and natural way resulting in real tube overdrive from the preamp section of your tube amp. The last 25% of the volume range can completely destroy your amp in the best way possible, resulting in rich soaring sustain, breakup, and on some amps even a smooth warm fuzzy growl.

This super small 1.5″x3.5″ booster can do what needs to be done no matter what the task. If you need a little magic in your life, look no further!

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