Free Download for JamUp Multi-Effect Guitar App for iPad & iPhone

I’ve owned an iPhone for about two years and, although I don’t want to sound like a fan boy, I’m constantly amazed by the power of this little machine. As a musician, the available tools are amazing. From multitrack recorders to synth apps, we have no excuse not to leave a record of our creativity.

Guitarists are especially spoiled, as there are a handful of excellent multi-effect and modeling guitar apps available. New to this arena is Positive Grid, makers of the JamUp family of apps and iOS interfaces. For the next 30 days, Positive Grid is offering free downloads of their JamUp Lite app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

JamUp Guitar App

I’ve been playing with the JamUp Lite app for a few weeks and the tones hold up to any other guitar app out there, and JamUp features some extra features, including the very first sound-on-sound phrase sampler an iOS devices. This app gives you access to 5 hybrid amps/effects, 16 user presets, the aforementioned sound-on-sound phrase sampler, an iTunes player with time stretching feature, a chromatic tuner, and will feature continual upgraded features. Oh…and it’s free!

“JamUp is the must-have guitar app on iPad or iPhone for guitar players” remarked Calvin Abel, Product Manager at Positive Grid. “It channels the traditional multi-effect pedal into one single mobile app with a good number of jamming and practice features, plus the stunning user interface and convenient form-factor, giving you the ability to completely transform your rig with this one app.”

Also available are the JamUp Pro app ($19.99) which gives you 24 hybrid amps/effects, and the JamUp Plug ($39.95), an ultra-portable guitar interface for iOS devices. With the JamUp Plug, attach it to your device, then plug in your guitar and headphones, and you’re good to go! For anyone (like me) who jumped on the ultra-cheap (quality, not price) GuitarBud cable when that came out, you’ll appreciate the ability to use your own guitar cable.

Check out the Positive Grid website for more info and a link to download JamUp Lite for free.

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