Interview with Rich and Chris Rice of Rice Custom Guitars [4OnTheFloor]

Chris & Rich Rice

Chris & Rich Rice

When I caught up with the father son team behind Rice Custom Guitars, Rich and Chris Rice were in the middle of building another fine handcrafted guitar in their suburban Chicago shop.

In this 4OnTheFloor podcast interview, we discussed their philosophies on guitar making, the challenges that come along the way, and what it means to them to be a true custom shop.

Chris Rice told me “when they’re finished, they feel and sound so different. It doesn’t feel like a parts guitar. It’s a crap shoot when you’re building a guitar from aftermarket parts, but when you’re building a guitar from the ground up, you have an end goal in your sight, and you do everything to get there.”


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3 Responses to “Interview with Rich and Chris Rice of Rice Custom Guitars [4OnTheFloor]”

  1. randy saunders says:

    An Excellent job Jeremy, these guys really are great, and I wish that I could afford to be a customer!

  2. Rich Rice says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the love. 😉

    Randy, you never know what can happen. We work within many different budgets, and one never knows what is possible until it has been discussed. Every build is different. It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.. 😉

  3. Raymond Rice says:

    After hearing about this business for several years, it is good to hear in detail how things are done. I am Richard’s father living in Vienna, Austria, a violinist by training. Hoping for the best in this new undertaking.