Interview with Mike Mulqueen of Moku Ukuleles [4OnTheFloor]

Mike MulqueenThe ukulele revolution is upon us! For an instrument that was thought of as a mere novelty just a few years ago, the ukulele has experienced an epic resurgence.

While helped by mainstream musicians such as Eddie Vedder, Jason Mraz, and Train, the uke has become the favored fretted instrument of virtuosos like James Hill and Jake Shimabukuro (see video below).

And with the popularity comes demand for instruments that are a step above the souvenir your grandparents stuff in their suitcase after a Hawaiian vacation. Now filling that void is Moku Ukuleles. We caught up with Moku Ukes founder Mike Mulqueen to get some answers about the uke’s sudden popularity.

Mike tells us “If you listen to a lot of popular music now, you’ll hear ukulele…It’s no longer a traditional instrument. It’s not a novelty anymore. It’s taken more seriously, and people are really starting to see that. It’s these virtuosos taking the instrument and playing it like no one’s every played it before.”


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2 Responses to “Interview with Mike Mulqueen of Moku Ukuleles [4OnTheFloor]”

  1. Daniel McBroski says:

    I’ve seen and heard Moku Ukes. I had a wonderful time listening to and playing them.

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Glad to hear it! Thanks for the comment, Daniel.