Interview with Lucky Lou Remondelli [4OnTheFloor]

Lou RemondelliI usually reserve my 4OnTheFloor interviews for musical instrument manufacturers and retailers, but with NAMM a week away, I gave them some time off to prepare.

Instead, I had a conversation Lou Remondelli, who is a regular on the Musical Instrument Giveaways Facebook page. Lucky Lou, as he’s known, has an uncanny knack for winning giveaways and a habit of posting less than tasteful comments. 😉

Lou and I spoke about everything from his contest strategy, to his unique hairstyle, to Snooki.


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10 Responses to “Interview with Lucky Lou Remondelli [4OnTheFloor]”

  1. EffectsBay says:

    Hey Jeremy, nice job interviewing Lou. Thought that podcast was great and refreshing!

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Thanks, Hank! As you know, we would be talking to ourselves without guys like Lou. 😉

  2. Vanessa says:

    Nice interview Jeremy and Lou. Lou and I go way back to when we were teenagers and he is a great friend. It was fun to listen to him being interviewed and I think he did a great job. Lou is one of the most genuine people I know and I can attest to the fact that he does get excited whenever he wins something from Musical Instrument Giveaways.

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Thanks so much for the comment, Vanessa!

  3. randy saunders says:

    Another terrific interview Jeremy! Lou says it all, about being euphorically happy for every MIGer who wins, and we have you to thank, my friend! Love ya, uncle Lou, ya cwazy wabbit!

  4. Peter says:

    Thanks for the glimpse into the life of one of the most regular of the MIG regulars. It’s good to get to know Lou a little bit. Keep up the good work, Jeremy!

  5. Rocky Tolley says:

    Great interview and great for Lou to put into words what MIG has turned into! It’s also pretty cool just to sit back and hear people like Lou, or whoever you may be interviewing, for the simple fact that they have become family….and the questions from other family members…..kinda like sitting out in the building together….drinkin a couple beers and pullin on some strings…..laughin and talkin about life, and getting everyone elses input. Again, great job Lou and Jeremy!

  6. Jeremy Gardner says:

    Great interview from Jeremy and Lou! Very inspiring, and I hope you guys both keep getting those wins! Although I’ve never thought of Lou as a distortion pedal kind of guy! Awesome!

  7. Josh Childers says:

    Very cool interview y’all! brightened my day here!

    Kind Regards,