Interview with Josh Childers of Atlas Stands [4OnTheFloor]

Josh Childers

When you speak to Josh Childers of Atlas Stands, the first thing you notice is the passion in his voice. His passion for wood. His passion for music. And his passion for combining those two loves into a remarkable business.

Josh has done just that. In less that a year since announcing his first products to the public, custom designed hardwood amplifier stands, Josh and partner John Schramlin have created excitement in what was a stale and static product category.

When I asked Josh why he started Atlas, he described more of a calling than solely a means to pay his mortgage. “I bought myself a really, really nice tube amp two years ago and realized I didn’t have anything nice to put it on. When you’re searching for your tone for 20 years, and you finally find it, you don’t want to put your Ferrari on steel wheels.”


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One Response to “Interview with Josh Childers of Atlas Stands [4OnTheFloor]”

  1. randy saunders says:

    Another excellent interview, Jeremy! Josh really has his game together, and a Seth Godin fan, too! I hadn’t considered the impact that wood thickness in a stand could make on sound, and I love the tremendous versatilty these stands incorporate, from folding up, to the capabilities of pedal & power supply storage. If I won this stand, and an Orange amp, I could talk myself into buying an electric guitar!