Help Nude spread music making to La Habra, CA students [Pick Education]

While the California band Nude is busy pushing their new album, Fearless Generation, they never forget that without the inspiration of someone when they were young, they never would have dedicated their lives to what they love, making music.

That’s why members of the three man band (Tony Karlsson, Bobby Amaro, and Dave Mattera) volunteer at Washington Middle School, along with community centers and other schools in La Habra, California, teaching students to play music.

La Habra Students

The band speaks at a school about the importance of music education programs

The issue in La Habra, like many other communities across the country, is a lack of funding for music education classes and supplies. The band teaches for free on their own instruments because, although the school has some acoustic guitars, most don’t have strings. There are virtually no extra picks or accessories for the kids to use.

Now, in addition to teaching, Tony, Bobby, and Dave have taken on the added challenge of raising funds for the gear these kids need to learn their instruments. For example, the band recently played a show at a bowling alley, and much of the money taken in at the door will be used to buy guitar strings. They are also working with a local music store to match their donation.

La Habra Drumming

Drummer Bobby Amaro watches over a "drum-off"

They’re making such a difference that they’ve gotten the attention of the Chamber of Commerce for the city of La Habra and Orange County, plus a few local politicians. They are now working together to get more music education programs started up at other area schools.

This is an incredibly inspiring story, which is why we are excited to team up with Nude as this week’s Pick Education partner. Through midnight on May 27th, for each guitar pick sold in the GearPipe Shop, we will donate one pick to the kids of Washington Middle School and La Habra.

If you’re new to GearPipe, here are a few suggestions:

  • GearPipe Classic Guitar Picks are available by the dozen, in thin, medium, and heavy thicknesses. Buy here.
  • If you’re interested in helping out the kids of La Habra, but don’t play guitar, you can purchase picks to be sent straight to the school. We will still match each pick you purchase. Buy here.
  • With our Pick & Poster Pleasure Pack, you’ll get 36 GearPipe picks, 4 guitar pick refrigerator magnets, a “Trustworthiness of Guitars” poster, and a GearPipe road case sticker, all for $25. For each pack purchased, we’ll donate 40 guitar picks to the kids of La Habra. Buy here.
  • And to sweeten the deal even more, we’re offering free US shipping for all orders $25 and over. To activate free shipping, enter the coupon code “lahabra” when checking out.

La Habra Guitarist

Singer Tony Karlsson works with a student on his chord changes

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2 Responses to “Help Nude spread music making to La Habra, CA students [Pick Education]”

  1. randy saunders says:

    This is an excellent start for Pick Education!

  2. Linda Ann says:

    I am spreading the word, I am trying. You made the right choice with this band, I hope the media thinks the same way! I am sending it to every news media outlet I can think of. If anyone could send it to their local news media, that would be great help!