Guitar & Amp Giveaway! Win a Fender '70s Strat and Kustom Tube Amp

Fender '70s Strat and Kustom Tube AmpThis is a bit of an odd pairing, but both great pieces of gear, so let’s go with it!

Ultimate Guitar and The Music Zoo have teamed up to give away a ’70s Stratocaster from Fender, and a Kustom Defender V50 all-tube 50 watt guitar amp. Put them together, and this package will give one winner some killer vintage tone worth about $2,150.

Here’s some more info about these pieces of gear:

The Fender® ’70s Stratocaster® guitar features an ash body, U-shaped neck with bullet truss rod nut, maple or rosewood fingerboard, large headstock with ’70s logo, three vintage-style single-coil pickups and vintage-style “F” tuners. Platform shoes and lava lamp sold separately…

Defender® V50 guitar amplifiers are perfect for guitarists who won’t settle for anything less than the very best all-tube tones. At the heart of the V50 are EL34 power tubes that provide defined lows, rich aggressive mids and a sweet top end that cuts through the mix but is never harsh. When partnered with venerable Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers and a cabinet made with quality plywood, you get an amplifier that sings and screams with unrivaled authority.

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15 Responses to “Guitar & Amp Giveaway! Win a Fender '70s Strat and Kustom Tube Amp”

  1. Terry Murr says:

    how do I find out who wins or not?

  2. Terry Murr says:

    how do I find out who wins or not?OK so do I get a answer>

  3. Terry Murr says:

    I would love to own a fender just hope it happens

  4. Mike Anderson says:

    WOW! A great giveaway!

  5. dawn says:

    This is so Awesome

  6. Paul Barnett says:

    Awesome rig, I need this so I can have that rockabilly sound!!

  7. Jeff Thomas says:

    Great Giveaway love the 70s strats chunky but cool , will look nice with my telecaster the best two sounds on the planet a strat quacking and a tele twanging

  8. Colin Sheehan says:

    If i write on this 7 times, does that mean i get entered into this contest?

  9. Rick Scholten says:


  10. Rick Scholten says:


  11. A.C. says:

    The guitar is pretty sweet, only wish they would send the amp already. Got the guitar in April and I’m still waiting for the amp.

  12. rich says:

    I would like to here the tone of this setup

  13. Gary says:

    how do I find out who wins or not? Do I get a answer, or is Terry special lol(kidding)

    • Jeremy Brieske says:

      Terry is special. Sorry 😉

  14. A.C. says:

    This contest half sucked because I only got the guitar and they never sent me my amp. I even contacted them and never heard anything from them.