GearPipe Picks Now Available, Enter to Win Your Own Custom Picks!

GearPipe Guitar PicksI’m very excited to announce the launch of our first GearPipe branded product. I’m not talking cyber-stuff here, but a real, physical product that you can hold in your hand: GearPipe guitar picks!

Here’s the back story. I used to buy picks for a major guitar manufacturer (who sells a similar looking pick…can you guess?), so I have relationships with many factories. My guitar pick factory was kind enough to let me print a small run of picks with the GearPipe logo, made from the same high-quality celluloid that the other company uses.

So, I hope you’ll consider buying some picks. Plus (and there’s always a plus!), for each dozen picks you buy through the end of May, you’ll be entered once to win 100 picks custom printed with your name or band’s logo. There are a bunch of materials to choose from and all standard thicknesses are available, so I’ll work with the winner to make his or her dream pick!

And why would you want to buy these picks from me? Three reasons.

  1. You get the same great quality picks you already buy, at the same price, but with a “boutique” logo.
  2. You’re supporting a passionate small business instead of a large multi-national corporation. I’m also proud to say these picks were manufactured in the United States.
  3. You have a chance to win 100 of your own custom guitar picks, printed with your name or band’s logo.
  4. Each person who buys a dozen GearPipe guitar picks will be entered to win 100 custom picks. The more GearPipe picks you buy, the more chances you have to win the custom picks. You can either add picks to you bag on the right, or visit the brand new GearPipe Store for more details about our guitar picks.

    As always, thank you for your support, I know you’ll enjoy these picks, and good luck!

GearPipe Logo Guitar Picks (12)

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24 Responses to “GearPipe Picks Now Available, Enter to Win Your Own Custom Picks!”

  1. Duztin Hunter says:

    I am not a big fan of celluloid picks. Any chance for a totrtex like material?

  2. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Duztin…the winner of the custom picks would be able to build them from Delrin, which is very similar to Tortex.

  3. greg bodish says:

    no thanks,I only use Ultex picks

  4. Daved Terrell says:

    thanks for the oppourtunity

  5. Daved Terrell says:

    thanks for the oppourtunity

  6. jeff priest says:

    i would like to win some

  7. Tube Fuzz says:

    I think those picks are cool, I use these from the major guitar manufacturer (which I don’t know why I am not suppose to type their name?). Unfortunatly, shipping to Brazil is too expensive for just 12 picks. Good luck!

  8. Debra Hall says:

    no thanks please just enter in contest

  9. ron says:

    always worth a try if i win. i do use snarling dogs for the little bumps for better grip.

  10. chance says:

    Thanks Love the pic!

  11. Renee Walters says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win them. I love the picks!

  12. Mark says:

    very cool

  13. RJoz says:

    Thanks for letting me enter the contest to win the picks!

  14. Ted Gomez says:

    Cool, who wouldn’t want to wins guitar picks with band logo, great idea!

  15. kenstee says:

    Love these old school picks. I’ve tried just about everything out there and always end up coming back to these Fender (there I said it!!) style picks. And how about offering some Extra Heavy gauge picks as well?

  16. Brian L. MIlls says:

    I want a shot at winning

  17. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Brian…gotta buy the picks! You actually have a much better shot at winning this than other giveaways, since everyone with an email address isn’t entering.

  18. Steve Parish says:

    cool pics…… would love to play with them…

  19. Daniel Cattalinic says:

    think it would be great to have some

  20. Glorbz says:

    I definately want in !

  21. Carolyn Barnett says:

    Please enter me to win the picks.I use the thin ones for my mandolin and medium ones for my guitar. Thanks for posting all the greatr contests.My guitar is falling apart.I have glued and glued the bridge but still i have wore it out.I hope to win.Thank you for the chance.

  22. AntwonStarr says:

    not much of a contest man, if ya gotta buy something to enter it, are people really going for this old school deal ? also, thick dunlop picks, take my word for it

  23. Daved says:

    be kinda cool to throw out band branded picks at our shows!! love it…

  24. Mike says:

    Your picks look cool but I am unable to purchase at this time. How can I enter the contest?