GearPipe Exclusive Giveaway! Win a Set of Fervor Handwound Strat Pickups

Fervor Stratocaster Pickups GiveawayThis giveaway is now closed. Thanks everyone for entering!

I’m incredibly excited to announce the first exclusive gear giveaway here on If you follow this site, you know that I’ve been linking to musical instrument giveaways each day on my Facebook Page, but hosting a giveaway just for my readers is way more exciting.

Geoff Moore, a pickup winding guru and the founder of Fervor Pickups has been generous enough to donate a set of his handwound Classic Strat® pickups. True to the name, these pickups will give you that classic Stratocaster® tone. Geoff describes them as “low/medium-output single-coils with a strong but polished, velvety-smooth tone.”

If you’re into pickup specs, here’s the lowdown:

  • Sand-cast Alnico rod magnets (similar to those found in ‘50s-vintage pickups)
  • Highest-quality copper coil wire
  • Carefully cut black vulcanized fiberboard
  • Nickel-plated eyelets
  • Standard output: neck – 5.8K, middle – 5.6K, bridge – 6.4K

A set of three Fervor Classic Strat pickups sells for $225, so even of you’re rocking a Squier® you can drop these in and get some Custom Shop-quality tone! This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada who are at least 13 years old. I’ll accept entries through 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time on March 31, 2010. Good luck everyone!

More Info From Fervor:
Discover just how good your guitar can sound
It’s no surprise that most new guitars and replacement pickups sound generic. Mass-produced pickups have a mass-produced tone. To improve their margins, larger manufacturers also tend to skimp on materials. Garbage input, garbage output.

Only hand-wound craftsmanship can produce the tonal complexities of a proper pickup. It’s like the difference between chocolate flavoring and pure chocolate. Played clean, you immediately hear the difference. Add pedals or switch amps, and you have even more tonal possibilities.

Hand-wounds deliver what every guitarist is looking for: a unique voice. As a hand-crafted product, every Fervor pickup is one-of-a-kind, for a voice that’s entirely your own.

Good is in the details
High-quality products depend on high-quality ingredients. We rely on the best suppliers for the best materials. For instance, thicker-gauge copper wire, and lead wire covered in durable cloth—not plastic. Vulcanized rubber bobbins. Magnets that are made in the U.S. Alnico pole pieces for Strats, for that low-volume Strat-y sound.

Consistently good
Although we produce by hand, our manufacturing standards ensure that you get the sound and the quality you expect. Every Fervor pickup is meticulously constructed by one person who is focused on quality, not quantity. We take the time to do it right.

Our distinctive winding patterns produce better tone. We constantly check for tightness and evenness of pattern, making scatter winds where appropriate. Each pickup is carefully inspected (pole piece heights, coils, soldering) and tested to make sure it matches the output we’re seeking.

Lifetime guarantee
Because we believe so strongly in our pickups, we have the best guarantee policy in the industry. We’re sure we can satisfy your demand for great sound.

It’s All About The Tone!
If you’ve read all this, you may be saying “fine…but how do they sound?” Check out this video featuring Andrew Autin —lead guitarist for MoJEAUX, one of New Orleans’ hottest live bands— who exclusively uses Fervor pickups in his custom Hembry guitars.

Just For Strats?
If you’re thinking about upgrading the pickups in your axe, Fervor offers more that just the Classic Strat pickups. Geoff also builds three other Stratocaster pickups models, Telecaster and Broadcaster replacement pickups, and multiple humbucker and P-90 models. Here are some Fervor Pickups photos.

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28 Responses to “GearPipe Exclusive Giveaway! Win a Set of Fervor Handwound Strat Pickups”

  1. matt richmond says:

    i need these pickupps to fatten up my sound …so my gtr will have bite.

  2. Mike Bulin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Jeremy Brieske says:

    You’re welcome, Mike. Good luck!

  4. Dave Gonsalves says:

    Thought I would never be able to upgrade from my stock pup’s. Winning these would be better than an upgrade, it would be like winning an entirely new guitar….Thanks for the chance !

  5. Jeremy Brieske says:

    You got it, Dave. Hopefully I’ll pull your name from the hat 😉

  6. Ed deJager says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Kathleen C says:

    Cool contest. Hubby would LOVE these pickups for his old Strat. I’m a Facebook fan of both Musical Instruments Giveaways and Fervor. Also a Twitter fan (kate5405) of GearPipe. I tweeted too.

  8. Bobby Mitchell says:

    Man this would go great with my guitar

  9. Jeremy Brieske says:

    Kathleen…that’s awesome! We appreciate your support and agree with you. Your hubby WOULD LOVE these pickups in his Strat 😉

  10. ThisIsMickGuest says:

    Hi Guys, unfortunately my Australian residence leave ineligible to enter the comp, but can you recommend one of your pickups for me please? I have a 1982 Ibanez Blazer (3 single coils). Mahogany body, maple neck and a TONNE of acoustic resonance. I’m looking for a pickup that won’t sound muddy, but also won’t take away all the beautiful bottom end the guitar naturally has.

  11. geoff moore says:

    Hi Everyone,

    This is Geoff from Fervor Pickups. I am so excited to be a part of the Giveaway. Someone is going to win a sweet set of Classic Strats and I can’t wait to select the winner. I can assure you that the winner will be very happy.

    Thanks for taking part in the Giveaway and best of luck.


    Geoff Moore
    Fervor Pickups

  12. geoff moore says:

    Hi ThisIsMickGuest,

    I am sorry that the Gearpipe Giveaway has not been extended outside the U.S. I certainly do appreciate your interest.

    To answer your question, my recommendation is to go with the Classic Strat pickups, as they will not be muddy and the tone will match the Blazer. I have modified this guitar before for a friend and it’s a great match.

    I hope that helps.


    Geoff Moore
    Fervor Pickups

  13. Ricky Hall says:

    This would be sweet, I am starting a build project for a lefty strat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. michael hintz says:

    I am very broke and would love to make my mexican strat (all i can afford) sound amazing! Thanks!

  15. Bill Walters says:

    Have a custom project guitar that these would be perfect for!!!

  16. Arthur says:

    “One can never have enough pick-ups”

  17. kevin says:

    would love to hear these in my strat. thanks for the chance bro.

  18. Trisha says:

    my son would love this!

  19. Paul Snodgrass says:

    I hope i in 😀

  20. Kelly N says:


  21. Paula Harmon says:

    If I were lucky enough to win, this would go to my son.
    He’s the guitar player in the family.

  22. Dana Osmun says:

    Always cool to try something new.

  23. Allan Whaite says:

    Great sounding pickups, I can only hope I win them!

  24. Jeff Suter says:

    Man oh man, I NEED these babies to rock my world! Thanks for a chance to win! Best- Jeff



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