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Help Nude spread music making to La Habra, CA students [Pick Education]

While the California band Nude is busy pushing their new album, Fearless Generation, they never forget that without the inspiration of someone when they were young, they never would have dedicated their lives to what they love, making music.

That’s why members of the three man band (Tony Karlsson, Bobby Amaro, and Dave Mattera) volunteer at Washington Middle School, along with community centers and other schools in La Habra, California, teaching students to play music.

More picks, more pleasure!

I’m told people like bundles. If this is, in fact, true, I’ve got a good one for you.

I took pretty much everything we sell in the GearPipe Shop (all three items) and threw them together in a box (actually, placed them nicely in a poster tube), and cut the price a bit.

Careful with that Axe, Eugene! Our Re-Axe Axe-Handler Review

Some products are aspirational in nature. “Buy this Fender Eric Clapton Signature Strat and your blues solos will sound just like Slowhand’s.” Or “Hop on this Harley and the world will see you as the rebel you really are.”

That’s all well and good, but I like products that understand who we really are. “Sometimes you’re lazy and lean your $2,000 guitar up against your amp instead of cradling it in a stand.” Or “You tend to leave your guitar stand at home because you’ve got enough stuff to carry to a gig and the stand just doesn’t fit in your gig bag.”

Sound familiar?

Pick Education is Dead, Long Live Pick Education

For those of you not following the story, we did not win the GOOD Magazine grant, which would have funded our Pick Education program.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t disappointed. We could have done a lot of good with the $2,500 prize, but it was not meant to be. Nevertheless, I think this program’s potential for good is too great to ignore, and I think now is the time in my life to start giving back.

Win a Line 6 POD HD300, if…

You already know we’re trying to change GearPipe for ‘good’ by planning a sustainable musical instrument donation program, called ‘Pick Education.’ It won’t be cheap to get this started, so we’ve applied for a $2,500 grant from GOOD Magazine to act as seed money. Voting has been going on for about a week (the winner is decided by a public vote), and our idea has been between #1 and #3 the entire time. Voting ends Thursday, March 29 at 12:00 PM PDT.

I know we have enough GearPipe readers to win this thing, so I’m sweetening the deal for you! I have a Line 6 POD HD300 multi-effects pedal that Line 6 sent me for review. If we win this grant, I will give the HD300 to one of you. If we don’t win, I’ll donate it to a music education program that needs it.

Interview with Hank Donovan of EffectsBay [4OnTheFloor]

For years, Hank Donovan’s has been serving up our daily dose of effects pedal news, deals, reviews, and giveaways. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest in boutique effects pedals, EffectsBay is a must-bookmark website.

After featuring dozens of pedalboards in his popular Pedal Live Friday feature, he noticed one thing: there were no products on the market to help guitarists keep track of their pedals’ knob positions. Enter Pedal Labels.