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Forgotten Violins Tell Stories of Holocaust Horror

Every musical instrument has a story to tell; stories that don’t require a note to be played. These stories may be happy or sad, but none more horrifying than the stories violins played by Jewish Holocaust victims would have for us.

A man in Tel Aviv, Amnon Weinstein, and his son have spent the last 15 years tracking down such instruments. They are now restoring the violins, hoping they will help tell the story of those who survived, and those who were not so lucky.

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Sowing the Seeds of Music: Podcast Interview with TakeLessons CEO Steven Cox

In this podcast episode, I speak with Steven Cox, CEO and Founder of TakeLessons, about the state of music education, the strict guidelines TakeLessons private instructor applicants are judged on, and even the role Guitar Hero and American Idol have had on music lesson enrollment.

Rock Prophecies: Podcast Interview with Rock Photographer Robert Knight

If you’ve ever been jealous of a friend who saw The Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix back in the day, Robert Knight will make you green with envy. For over forty years, Knight has been what Rock Prophecies producer Tim Kaiser calls “the Forrest Gump of rock ‘n roll. He just had this knack for being right in the middle of history in the making.”

TED Talks: Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life

You might call me a wuss, but I really like Natalie Merchant. Even if you’re not into her, you have to admit that she’s a very talented artist. In her newest project, Leave Your Sleep, Merchant takes her lyrics from near-forgotten 19th-century poetry.

TED Talks: Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity

This TED video features Robert Gupta, violinist with the LA Philharmonic. He talks about a violin lesson he once gave to a brilliant, schizophrenic musician — and what he learned. You may be familiar with the musician, Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, who was played by Jamie Foxx in the recent film The Soloist. Called back onstage […]

Win a NS Design WAV Electric Violin Outfit

Today we’ve got a very rare electric violin giveaway today! You can win an NS Design WAV Violin Outfit (with case and NS Composite Bow) worth $924. 1st Prize: NS Design WAV Violin Outfit (with case and NS Composite Bow), $924 – (1 Winner) The NS Design WAV Violin, created for live amplification and recording, […]