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Interview with Tom Hoare of The Drummer’s Journal [podcast]

You’ve heard of boutique drum builders and cymbalsmiths, but what about a boutique drum magazine?

Tom Hoare, editor of The Drummer’s Journal — a free, online drum magazine based out of the UK — grew up reading the major drum mags, but now thinks it’s time to shake things up.

“I grew up reading these magazines like Rhythm and Drummer, and I felt they were really, really good. But as I got older, I started to feel like they just weren’t really giving me what I wanted to read anymore, and I felt that they were featuring the same people and the same interviews. And what they do, they do it absolutely really, really well, but I thought there was something different I could offer.”

What Does it Take at Juilliard? Some Kind of Spark

Regular readers know that music education is an important issue to me. In fact, it reminds me of that old Barack Obama quote, “You didn’t build that” (tongue firmly in cheek). If you’ve been successful in music (or just gotten pretty good at an instrument), chances are someone along the way helped you. It might have been a parent, older sibling, music store employee, or teacher. Whomever it was, you know that reaching your goals is easier with support.

I’m asking you to support an independent filmmaker, Ben Niles, get more exposure for his new film Some Kind of Spark, which follows kids in Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program. It’s up for Indiewire’s Film of the Month against three other films. If Some Kind of Spark wins this competition, Ben will receive a consultation from the Tribeca Film Institute!

Keep Girls Rock! DC Strumming this Summer [Pick Education]

For those of us outside the Beltway, it may seem like the only thing happening in Washington DC is politics. But don’t forget, our nation’s capital is home to a thriving music scene, and influential artists like Bad Brains, Henry Rollins, and Dave Grohl all hail from DC.

Nonprofit organization Girls Rock! DC is on a mission to not only keep the DC music scene alive, but pump it up with a healthy dose of girl power. And for this, we are proud to have Girls Rock! DC as this week’s Pick Education partner.

Through July 1, 2012, for each GearPipe guitar pick sold in the GearPipe Shop, we will donate one pick to Girls Rock! DC for use in their music education programming.

Mile High Mayhem! Help Us Support Girls Rock Camp Denver [Pick Education]

If you ask the staff, volunteers, and campers of Girls Rock Camp Denver, rocking has been a male-dominated sport for way too long. And it’s tough to argue! The Godmothers of Rock — artists like Heart and Patti Smith — paved the way for the explosion of female fronted, and all-female, bands of the past ten years. Bands like The Donnas and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have proven girls can rock harder than most boys.

And this is why we are proud to welcome Girls Rock Camp Denver as this week’s Pick Education partner!

Win a Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 443 Pedal and Help The Kids!

I’m really pleased with the success of Pick Education so far. In two weeks, we’ve been able to donate over 350 guitar picks to music education programs in need of supplies. Thanks to all of you who have ordered GearPipe guitar picks!

But I want to make it bigger! And to do that, I know I need to grease a few palms. So, Stephen at The Signal just sent me a Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 443, a SICK envelope filter pedal that sells for $159 (I also need to thank Randy Saunders for his generous hand in hooking up this deal). Stephen said I can use this pedal however I want. So…

Interview with Jeff Cutler of Re-Axe Products [4OnTheFloor]

For the past few months I’ve been enamored with the Axe-Handler from Re-Axe Products, a portable guitar stand that can fit in your pocket or case. Through a few discussions about the product, I’ve also gotten to know Jeff Cutler, one of the founders of Re-Axe. Along with his partner, David Trombetti, Jeff’s obsession with building a quality product and organization is second to none.

We’re also enamored with Jeff and Dave’s generosity! In this interview we announce a new joint project between Re-Axe and GearPipe, to benefit our Pick Education program. Starting today, Re-Axe will be selling a GearPipe-branded Axe-Hander. Sold at $17.95 (the same price as a standard Axe-Handler), the GearPipe Axe-Handler will come packaged with three GearPipe picks, in your choice of thickness. PLUS, from each sale, $3.00 will go to fund Pick Education, and I will donate three picks to the current week’s music ed program partner.

Huge News! We are now Outlaw Drums’ exclusive dealer

Last year, GearPipe partnered with Michael Outlaw of Outlaw Drums on a snare drum giveaway. I was blown away by Michael’s passion (and his story…the dude builds drums from wood reclaimed from 19th century barns and houses), and when I received an Outlaw snare drum of my own, I couldn’t believe the quality.

Since then, Michael and I have continued talking, and recently came to an exciting agreement. Michael’s passions are finding amazing wood and building beautiful drums. I love talking to people (online and off) about musical instruments. So, I’m happy to announce that GearPipe is now the exclusive dealer of Outlaw Drums. And I (through my marketing agency, Drive Channel Creative) will be in charge of marketing for the brand.