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Sowing the Seeds of Music: Podcast Interview with TakeLessons CEO Steven Cox

In this podcast episode, I speak with Steven Cox, CEO and Founder of TakeLessons, about the state of music education, the strict guidelines TakeLessons private instructor applicants are judged on, and even the role Guitar Hero and American Idol have had on music lesson enrollment.

Rock Prophecies: Podcast Interview with Rock Photographer Robert Knight

If you’ve ever been jealous of a friend who saw The Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix back in the day, Robert Knight will make you green with envy. For over forty years, Knight has been what Rock Prophecies producer Tim Kaiser calls “the Forrest Gump of rock ‘n roll. He just had this knack for being right in the middle of history in the making.”

Drum Stick Evolution: Podcast Interview with Players Music’s Tony LaLonde

“Years ago if a person was a skier your skis were all made out of wood. Now they’re made out of all kinds of different materials…there’s no reason that a synthetic stick shouldn’t be as viable as a wood product, and even more so.” This is Players Music founder Tony LaLonde’s take on Duratech drum sticks, his line of nylon polymer sticks.

Back on Her Own Terms: Podcast Interview with Guitarist Shannon Curfman

Guitarist and singer/songwriter Shannon Curfman was a 14-year-old blues sensation when her debut album “Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions” climbed to the top of the Billboard Blues Charts back in 1999. Today, wearing ten years of music industry scars as an honor badge, Curfman is back with her third album “What You’re Getting Into.”

A Fervor for Tone: Podcast Interview with Geoff Moore of Fervor Pickups

There’s been a lot of talk this month on GearPipe about Fervor Pickups, with our Classic Strat Pickup Giveaway. I thought I’d give the man behind the pickups, Fervor founder Geoff Moore, and chance to give you the inside scoop on why his pickups are creating such a stir among tone-hungry guitarists.