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Interview with Tom Hoare of The Drummer’s Journal [podcast]

You’ve heard of boutique drum builders and cymbalsmiths, but what about a boutique drum magazine?

Tom Hoare, editor of The Drummer’s Journal — a free, online drum magazine based out of the UK — grew up reading the major drum mags, but now thinks it’s time to shake things up.

“I grew up reading these magazines like Rhythm and Drummer, and I felt they were really, really good. But as I got older, I started to feel like they just weren’t really giving me what I wanted to read anymore, and I felt that they were featuring the same people and the same interviews. And what they do, they do it absolutely really, really well, but I thought there was something different I could offer.”

Interview with Jeff Cutler of Re-Axe Products [4OnTheFloor]

For the past few months I’ve been enamored with the Axe-Handler from Re-Axe Products, a portable guitar stand that can fit in your pocket or case. Through a few discussions about the product, I’ve also gotten to know Jeff Cutler, one of the founders of Re-Axe. Along with his partner, David Trombetti, Jeff’s obsession with building a quality product and organization is second to none.

We’re also enamored with Jeff and Dave’s generosity! In this interview we announce a new joint project between Re-Axe and GearPipe, to benefit our Pick Education program. Starting today, Re-Axe will be selling a GearPipe-branded Axe-Hander. Sold at $17.95 (the same price as a standard Axe-Handler), the GearPipe Axe-Handler will come packaged with three GearPipe picks, in your choice of thickness. PLUS, from each sale, $3.00 will go to fund Pick Education, and I will donate three picks to the current week’s music ed program partner.

Interview with Hank Donovan of EffectsBay [4OnTheFloor]

For years, Hank Donovan’s has been serving up our daily dose of effects pedal news, deals, reviews, and giveaways. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest in boutique effects pedals, EffectsBay is a must-bookmark website.

After featuring dozens of pedalboards in his popular Pedal Live Friday feature, he noticed one thing: there were no products on the market to help guitarists keep track of their pedals’ knob positions. Enter Pedal Labels.

Interview with Chad Beeler of BassEFX [4OnTheFloor]

Seattle’s Chad Beeler has been one of Jet City’s top bass guitar gurus for years, but when he recently launched BassEFX, a website with the goal of outfitting bassists worldwide with the perfect bass effects, Chad narrowed his focus onto only the elements between bass and amp.