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Win 1 of 2 Mic Lockers Worth Over $14,000

Sweetwater Mic Locker

Once in a while I might exaggerate about how amazing a giveaway is, but this mic giveaway from Sweetwater Sound is nothing short of insane.

Sweetwater is giving away two amazing microphone collections, with mics from Neumann, Shure, Blue, AKG, RODE, Royer, and others, plus stands from Ultimate Support. Mic locker #1 is worth over $20,000, a locker #2 is valued just below $15,000. Follow the link below for complete details.

Win a $6,000 Guitar Recording Gear Package

Eastman Recording Package

It’s cheap to get into home recording but, like most things, your audio chain is only going to sound as good as your weakest link. The winner of this guitar and recording gear giveaway from Premier Guitar, however, will be rocking a very high quality setup!

With a total value of $6,295.86, here’s the entire prize package:

Win a PreSonus Mix/Recording Package

Presonus Recording Giveaway
Does anyone’s home studio need an upgrade?

Sweetwater turns out great gear giveaways each month, and they’ve kept the streak alive in February with this mixing and recording package from PreSonus, worth $6,848! This recording package includes a StudioLive 24.4.2 digital mixer that, with the help of ProSonus’s QMix software, lets you wirelessly control your aux mixes from your iPhone or iPod Touch, an ADL 700 all-discrete high-voltage Class A channel strip, and a copy of Studio One 2.5 Professional software.

I decree that if any of you win this giveaway, your door must be open to GearPipers in need of recording space!

Win Three Armor Gold Instrument Cables

Armor Gold Cable Giveaway
Good guitar cables fit into the category of bacon, laughs, and beautiful woman. You can never have to many!

The good people at Railhammer Pickups know this, and they’ve teamed up with Armor Gold Cables for this instrument cable giveaway. The contest winner will take home three instrument cables of their choice (great for guitar, bass, keys, etc), and an Armor Gold tee shirt.

Win a Native Instruments Maschine 2

Native Instruments Maschine 2
Looking at the Native Instruments Maschine 2, it reminds me of the time spent playing Simon as a child, but I have a feeling there’s a lot more going on here!

The Maschine 2 is actually loaded with over 6GB of killer sample content, plus a full version of Native Instruments’ Massive virtual synthesizer. It works as both an instrument and a controller, giving you 16 multi-color pads, 9 rotary encoders, and 47 buttons.

Win a TASCAM iM2 Stereo Microphone for Apple iOS Products

Tascam im2 Microphone for iPhone
I do a lot of field recording will handheld digital recorders, and I’m continuously tempted to ditch these machines and record everything on my iPhone.

One thing keeping people from doing this is the quality of the iPhone’s onboard mic, but the clever people at TASCAM have solved this problem. Their iM2 microphone turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a high-quality stereo recorder. This is the same mic used on their high-end DR-series recorders and can be used with the dozens of high quality iOS recording apps that are out there.

Win a Radial Engineering H-AMP Headphone Driver

Radial Engineering H-AMP Headphone Driver
This is the final week of’s “Month of Radial” giveaway. And for this final week, they’ve gone full circle with a Radial Engineering H-AMP Headphone Driver giveaway, the same prize as week #1.

The H-AMP is a seriously handy tool for live gigs or in the studio. If your desired headphone mix is the same as your main or wedge monitor signal, just drive a speaker level signal into the H-AMP. It will convert to headphone level, and provide two musicians with their own monitor mix level. See? Very useful!

Win a Radial Engineering JPC Computer Direct Box

Radial JPC Direct Box
Here’s the third of four giveaways in’s Month of Radial promotion.

Enter to win a Radial JPC, a stereo direct box that has been specifically designed for use with computer sound cards and other consumer electronic products to allow these to be connected to a professional sound system. It is unique in that it combines the advantages of transformer-isolated inputs with an active drive circuit, giving you the ‘best of both worlds’ in a compact and extremely flexible package.

Win an Earthworks Audio QTC30 Microphone

Earthworks QTC30 Mic Giveaway
Here’s our second Earthworks microphone giveaway of the week!

This time, you have a chance to win an Earthworks QTC30 mic. The company bills this as a product to mic quiet sound sources, like vocals and strings, or distant miked orchestras or choirs. With a list price of $1,099, I’ll bet it also does a great job on acoustic guitar or as a general room mic, as well.