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Win a Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin D35 Seth Avett
There’s been a huge resurgence of rootsy music over the past few years, and the Avett Brothers have been leading that charge. You might not think of Seth Avett as a guitar hero, but the guy is an ultra-talented musician who is influencing a lot of younger players.

And what do guitar heroes get? Signature guitars, of course! And what do we expect from the companies who are building these signature guitars? The chance to win one! This month, you have a chance to win the new Martin D-35 Seth Avett Custom Signature Edition acoustic-electric guitar, courtesy of Musicians Friend.

Win a Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Pedal

Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Pedal
Hank at EffectsBay has just launched yet another boutique guitar pedal giveaway. In this giveaway, you have a chance to win a Stone Deaf FX PDF-1. The Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 is a Parametric Distortion Filter and is based on the Maestro Parametric Filter MPF-1.

This pedal sells for $195, and looks like it gives you some serious control over your tone.

Win a Gibson 50th Anniversary Firebird Guitar

Gibson 50th Anniversary Firebird Guitar
When it was introduced in 1963, the Gibson Firebird was so ahead of its time that few people wanted one, leading to its discontinuation in 1965. Lucky for guitarists everywhere, once rock ‘n’ roll style caught up to this guitar, the Firebird was brought back.

Now, 50 years later, Gibson is celebrating this once-radical guitar with a 50th Anniversary model. This commemorative axe is pimped out with a Bullion Gold nitrocellulose finish, gold hardware, and a black pickguard hot-stamped in gold with “50th Anniversary 1963-2013” and the traditional Firebird phoenix, and now you have a chance to win one from Premier Guitar.

Win a Jackson USA Select Soloist Electric Guitar

Jackson USA Soloist Select
Jackson wants to get to know its customers. They want you to tell them which social networks you frequent, if you enjoy extreme sports, and how good of a guitarist you are. You’ll find these questions and more in their 2013 survey, which helps the company develop new products and marketing strategies.

And they also want to hook one survey respondent up with a SICK guitar, one of the most expensive in the Jackson line. Complete the survey and you’ll be entered to win a USA Select Soloist guitar. This is their top US-made production guitar and sells for over $3,000.

Win a Guild D-140CE Acoustic Guitar

Guild D140CE Guitar Giveaway
Working in a guitar shop in high school, I really fell in love with Guild acoustic guitars, and always hoped I’d own one some day. Then I got a Martin, so the dream has been shelved, but I still think Guild makes great guitars!

Today, their GAD series is not only a great sounding group of guitars, but very affordable! And now, you have a chance to win a GAD series acoustic, directly from Guild.

Win a Fairfield Barbershop Overdrive Pedal

Fairfield Barbershop Overdrive Pedal
The first line of the product blurb for the Fairfield Babrbershop Overdrive pedal is “Have you ever sat in a barber’s chair wishing your tone was as slick as your freshly shaved upper lip?” I have to be honest, I have never ever had that thought, and I got my hair cut this morning. However, I see their point. I do enjoy a clear, slick tone. I also enjoy a pedal maker who says “Screw the hand-painted enclosures. Let the tone stand on its own!”

Jokes aside, check out the video below. This pedal, which sells for $175, sounds great! And the good people at Chicago Music Exchange are currently giving away one Fairfield Barbershop Overdrive pedal.

Win an Empress Tape Delay Pedal

Empress Tape Delay Pedal
I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Empress Tape Delay pedal. This stompbox combines super warm tape-like tone (there are actually three “tape age” settings so you can choose how dark and gritty the repeats will get) with digital convenience like tap tempos with ratio multiplier and preset storing.

This pedal sells for $249, but our friends at Chicago Music Exchange are willing to let one go for free. Pedal geeks…make sure you enter this giveaway!

Win a JHS SuperBolt Overdrive Pedal

JHS SuperBolt Pedal Giveaway
JHS Pedals is really rocking the giveaway scene, as this is our second JHS giveaway in the last week.

This time, the Kansas City pedal builder is teaming up with EffectsBay and Seattle’s Thunder Road Guitars. Up for grabs? A JHS SuperBolt overdrive pedal. This is a HOT pedal these days, and was designed to emulate the tone and character of the 1960’s-era Supro amps.

Win a JHS Prestige Boost Pedal

JHS Prestige Boost Pedal
Simplicity is where it’s at. The JHS Prestige Boost pedal has one knob, one light, and one switch, but it does a lot! This pedal acts as a buffer/enhancer to help deal with long cable runs, a boost to give your tone an uptick of balls, and if you really crank it up, you can overdrive the front end of your tube amp for a more natural distortion.

And you have a chance to win one from our friends at Chicago Music Exchange. This little pedal sells for $129, so take a moment to enter this giveaway!

Win a Fender Eric Clapton ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster

Eric Clapton Blackie Strat Giveaway
This must be Eric Clapton guitar giveaway week here at GearPipe! This contest isn’t quite as spectacular as the last one, but I doubt any of you will complain.

This Clapton guitar giveaway is brought to you by, curiously enough, fellow bluesman Joe Bonamassa. He’s giving away a Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster to raise awareness for his Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, a non-profit created by Bonamassa, which seeks to promote blues music education and support music scholarships in an effort to keep the blues alive.