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Win an RBH Drum Set & TRX Cymbals

RBH Drums Giveaway
For those drummer who go for class over flash, check out this drum set giveaway from Modern Drummer.

Enter to win a 5-piece Monarch Series drum kit from the RBH Drum Co., a 5-piece set of premium-quality TRX Cymbals, matching hardware from Gibraltar, Audix Microphones’ DP7 Drum Pack, and a Black Widow Drum Web.

The total retail value of this prize is a whopping $15,700!

Win a 6″x14″ Outlaw Snare Drum

Outlaw Stave Snare Drum

Through GearPipe, I’ve met some amazing people in this industry. One is Michael Outlaw, founder of Outlaw Drums, a builder of amazing custom stave snare drums. Another is AJ Donahue, who reviews for DRUM Magazine and runs his own site at

I also love it when my new friends work together, which is what has happened with this snare drum giveaway. Michael sent AJ a drum to review, and now AJ is going to give it away to one of you. Outlaw makes some of the best sounding drums in the world, and the wood used to build these snares has been reclaimed from tobacco barns, plantation homes, mills or bridges built before 1900. Up for grabs is a 6″x14″ stave snare drum with Outlaw’s exclusive Tobacco Glaze Weathered finish, a drum that sells for $1,100.

Win a Set of Evans Level 360 Drum Heads

EvansLevel 360 Drum Heads
Unless you’re a serious basher, or prefer razor blade tips, chances are your drum heads have been installed for WAY TOO LONG. I’m certainly guilty as charged.

The good people at The Drummer’s Journal are already giving you each issue of their drum magazine for free, but now they’re giving you chance to win a set of Evans Level 360 drum heads. One winner will score three Evans G1 tom batter heads and one Evans Power Center snare head with Level 360 technology, in the winner’s choice of sizes.

Win a $5,000 Drum Package from Mapex, Sabian, Remo, and Vic Firth

Mapex Drum Kit
This is a pretty killer opportunity for the drummers out there. Not only do you have a chance to win a full drum kit, including cymbals, heads, and sticks, but you can customize all of it to your personal specs!

One lucky winner will have the chance to design their own 6-piece Mapex Mydentity Kit, complete with personalized Sabian XS20 cymbals, logo bass drum head from Remo, and your own signature sticks from Vic Firth. It’s a total prize package worth $5,218!

Win Chris Adler’s Full Meinl Cymbal Set-Up

Meinl Cymbal Giveaway

Imagine the feeling of scaling the fence outside of Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler’s house, climbing up to the roof, repelling down through a skylight into his drum room, then escaping with his entire cymbal collection. It would be pretty sweet, and you would end up will a killer stash of cymbals!

Or you could just enter this Meinl cymbal giveaways from Cascio Insterstate Music. The winner will score everything listed below.

Win a 14″x4″ 12 Lug Superdrum

Superdrum 12 Snare Drum

As a drummer, I’ve really been into the content AJ at Drum Gear Review has been pushing out. In addition to running his own site, AJ also provides reviews for DRUM! Magazine.

With this snare drum giveaway, AJ is joining the two forces together. In the April issue of DRUM!, he’s got a review of the 12 Lug Superdrum snare drum, and is giving away a 14″x4″ steel Superdrum on DGR. This snare drum has 12 lugs which, you know…is two more than normal!

Win an Amber Acrylic Natal Drum Kit with Paiste Cymbals

Natal Drum Kit Giveaway
John Bonham is my all-time favorite drummer. Not that I’m unique, but just sayin’.

At last year’s Bonzo Birthday Bash (who knew this existed?!?) Natal Drums created this Amber Acrylic kit to pay homage to Bonzo’s classic Ludwig Vistalite drum sets. Now, thanks to Natal and DRUM Magazine, you could win a five-piece Amber Acrylic Natal drum kit, along with all the hardware, four Paiste cymbals, Regal Tip sticks, and Remo heads.

I will most certainly be signing up for this one!

Win Drumsticks and Signed Drum Heads, played by Nigel Olsson of Elton John’s Band

Nigel Olsson Drum Heads and Sticks
We’ve got a new GearPipe-exclusive giveaway for you, but this one is a bit different than our usual fare. We’ve never done a memorabilia giveaway on GearPipe, but I got my hands on some gig-played drumsticks and signed drumheads from Nigel Olsson, Elton John’s long time drummer.

This gear was played by Nigel at a gig at Las Vegas’s Caesar’s Palace last year. One winner will score all three pieces.

Win a Crush Drums 14×5″ Aluminum Snare Drum

Crush Aluminum Snare Drum
Last year we told you about a drum giveaway from Crush Drums as they were approaching 10,000 fans on their Facebook page. Now, they’re days away from hitting 20K and, when that happens, the Crush team is giving away a free snare drum to one lucky drummer.

Up for grabs is a 14×5″ aluminum snare, and I’m betting this drum has some serious snap! So, go give Crush a “like,” and good luck!