Best Sellers: Top 10 Best-Selling Recording Software at Musicians Friend

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11 Responses to “Best Sellers: Top 10 Best-Selling Recording Software at Musicians Friend”

  1. Mario Mendoza says:

    As a musician and producer, I use the top 3 programs. They each pack great plugins and have the capability to output a “credible” product with the great EQ/Mastering tools.

    The part I like is being able to Rewire with connecting Reason with Logic. Add new accents to complete the track, or take tracks from Pro Tools and export them to Logic. Each software has different mastering capabilities so its fun to experiment with which software can get you the sound you desire.

  2. Jeremy says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I use SONAR Producer and, it too, is a great program.

  3. James Baker says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t placed Ableton Live higher up the list. My friend really recommends it and says that Nine Inch Nails even use it as their recording music software.

    I guess it’s all a matter of personal taste as I’m sticking to FL studio which isn’t even on the list.

  4. Yung Prince says:

    Dude Your A Prick Pro-Tools Is Number 1. Im Suprised Mixcraft Isnt Up There Because It Works As Good As Sonar. (Lol Im Only 15 And I Noe More Than You!!!!) Holla At Me (YungPrinceMusic@Gmail.Com

    • DJ.JonWon>U says:

      First-off, the people who take time out of their lives, too offer up personal insight, (in this case music production software)… don’t share their point of view, for personal gain or out of any obligation. More often than not, it’s done in good spirit and desire to be helpful (NOT) hurtful. I’ve yet too see, anyone claiming, their opinions were nothing more than just that…(opinion)just in case you’re as stupid as the statement you made. Taking account of your age but mainly in light of your infinitely ignorant comment, it’s quite ovbious, that you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed. Let’s break down your lame-brain comment. First: most people know how to form a complete sentence. Second: It’s also common knowledge…every word, within a paragraph, does NOT begins with upper-case letters. Three: (FYI) The words “know” & “no”, neither are spelled noe…pretty sad. The truth is…the jokes on you! There is absolutely nothing in the context of what you said, that would even hint too the fact you have a brain. So, what you really should’ve said was this….I’m 15 and I don’t know shit. Basically…in a more simple form… you ARE a straight fuck-boy, the one who gets zero respect. This is also more than likely, why you’re such a poser.

  5. Jo says:

    I use mixcraft 4 and mine was good to start with, and now, it’s not even all that. I’ve used n-track and that was good. Even though back-in-the-day it was good, its not really all that anymore.

  6. Adam says:

    the list is correct for best selling and for any real producer fl studio is lacking on high quality selection of sounds and reasons is best for producing beats then you can rewire it with pro-tools get your mix right or just get “record” and do it all in one program i go by ease of use and sound quality,and reasons is the most fluid way of making a beat

  7. erik rohrmoser says:

    Does anyone know about some low budget awsome software? I’ve used magix music maker 14 for a while. Simple to use, but small variety of soundpools and ther are no bass instruments not one. Just switched to Samplitude 14 and seems to be almost as simple but has tons of bass styles and sounds. They seemed to have fixed the problem but i’d still like to know what some good cheap software is for doing EVERYTHING? Any answers anyone?

    P.S. Magix Music Maker $60, Magix samplitude $100, Cheap is $150 or less, preferably less than $100.

  8. Iva Aguada says:

    I don’t just make beats, I CREATE instrumentals also… which makes me a PRODUCER and not just a beat maker

  9. mini split says:

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