Best Sellers: Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Guitars at Guitar Center

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13 Responses to “Best Sellers: Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Guitars at Guitar Center”

  1. Charlotte Real Estate says:

    I’ll be stumbling and sending on to my guitar playing sons. Terry McDonald

  2. Your mama says:

    Gibsons are overrated crap. Plus they are a bunch of sellouts, they endorse any crap band that kisses their feet, want proof? Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers, and the list goes on and on, and their CEO is a dictator and pays all the employees minimun wages. They have no dignity, and their only objective in life is rip-off unwise people with 1000dls or more. They are even more overpriced than ESP, any beginners reading this, I recommend you don’t buy either epiphones or gibsons not even for firewood. Try buying Ibanez, Kramer,B.C Rich, Laguna, Dean, maybe washburn, don’t buy squire unless you really don’t afford anything else, but these guitars that I just wrote are pretty cheap if you buy the beginner models.

    • Rick says:

      You’ve obviously never played a Les Paul before.

      • Devin says:

        I’ve played Les Pauls and find that they are quite overpriced given the quality. I also find the Gibson’s standards have fallen nearly off the map in the last few years. Epiphones are nearly a better guitar at this point.

  3. tyler says:

    i love grums guitars sock

  4. grammageo says:

    Are you stupid Gibson SG is the best guitar ever….

  5. The Masked Guitarist says:

    I really cant believe that E.S.P never was mentioned in this list.

  6. Jibbly says:

    Lol razorback guitars r the best

  7. stix 31003 says:

    Ive played a-lot of guitars in my life ,since I was 13 tell now, im 37. If You want to know who make a great guitar, go to YouTube and veiw how they are made. You will be impressed by PRS

  8. Colleen says:

    whoah this blog is excellent i like reading your posts.
    Stay up the good work! You realize, a lot of individuals are searching round for this info, you can help them

  9. Kris says:

    Gibson is just another piece of wood like any other company. The fact of the matter is, each guitar has it’s purpose. Fender & Gibson are so far in with Guitar Center, the Walmart of musical instruments that just having their name associated with them devalues them as far as I’m concerned, and there is nothing special about them unless you have vintage ones. You want special. Heritage. Built in the old Gibson Kalamazoo plant. G&L, now the real Fender, built in the original Fender plant starting in 1980 by Leo Fender himself. Collings, Santa Cruz, etc… I guess if you want to play what everyone else at Walmart is playing go ahead to GC if that’s your thing. I own quite a few different guitars. Bought them from local dealers not the GC,MF,Music123, or whatever they are calling themselves. Honestly, you can find something cool in most all guitars. If you connect with it and it inspires you, that’s what counts. Skip the hype, go to those small shops and spend some time there. Play something nobody is playing. Take a chance. Or continue buying a guitar because of what it says on the headstock. Sometimes a name is only a name.

  10. Vernon Bird says:

    The topic is “Best SELLERS”. Where is Squier?



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