Win a 14″x4″ 12 Lug Superdrum

Superdrum 12 Snare Drum

As a drummer, I’ve really been into the content AJ at Drum Gear Review has been pushing out. In addition to running his own site, AJ also provides reviews for DRUM! Magazine.

With this snare drum giveaway, AJ is joining the two forces together. In the April issue of DRUM!, he’s got a review of the 12 Lug Superdrum snare drum, and is giving away a 14″x4″ steel Superdrum on DGR. This snare drum has 12 lugs which, you know…is two more than normal!

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More about the 12 Lug Superdrum

What makes the 12-lug Superdrum better than other snare drums?

The snare drum is the most important drum in your set. It is the most versatile and capable of producing more effects than the toms or bass drum. It is the drum in which you should invest the most money. That is not to say it has to be expensive.

8-lugs is an industry standard for snare drums. You can get a satisfactory sound from an 8-lug snare. If you want more control over the tuning and wish to get more tension on the head then a high-end 10-lug snare drum would be the drum to buy.

We at Superdrum have taken this a step further by going to 12-lugs, an increase of 50% over the standard! Now it is possible to get even more control for amazing sound. The increase in lugs allows for unsurpassed accuracy and sensitivity with a very wide dynamic range. The 12-lug Superdrum produces excellent clarity at very soft and very loud playing levels.

All this has been accomplished at a fraction of the cost of what drum makers like Pearl have done. This is no need to spend $600, $700 even $1,000 or more to get this level of quality.

If your chops demand a drum that can produce exceptional sensitivity, clarity and dynamic range then the Superdrum is for you.

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2 Responses to “Win a 14″x4″ 12 Lug Superdrum”

  1. Jeff Price says:

    I would like to win this for my friend Jeff (another Jeff).

  2. pascal benkemoun says:

    it’ s very beautiful !!!